Minimally invasive surgery

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgical techniques enable surgical procedures to be performed through one or more very small incisions – usually 5–10 mm in length. Laparoscopic surgery (both single and multiple incision procedures) and robotic-assisted surgery are examples of minimally invasive surgery.

Can all surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery?

Doctors who use minimally invasive surgical techniques have undergone highly specialised training. In the case of robotic surgery, doctors must be formally credentialled before they can offer this type of surgery to patients. In Australia, Adam is one of only a few gynaecological oncologists who have undertaken advanced training in robotic-assisted surgery.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery?

Apart from the obvious reduction in scarring compared to traditional ‘open’ surgery, minimally invasive surgery can also offer other benefits. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are generally associated with faster recovery times, an earlier return to work and fewer complications, compared to open surgery.

When is minimally invasive surgery appropriate?

These days, most benign gynaecological problems can be managed with minimally invasive surgical techniques. Minimally invasive surgery is also becoming the standard approach for managing endometrial and cervical cancer. In most cases, Adam can offer patients robotic or laparoscopic surgery rather than open surgery.

What happens if I can’t have minimally invasive surgery?

Adam has also had extensive training in open surgery so if a minimally invasive approach cannot be achieved for any reason, he can proceed with open surgery instead.

Dr Pendlebury and patient
Dr Pendlebury operating the da Vinci robot
Dr Pendlebury and assistant


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